Mortified woman issues warning as sunburn makes her look like ‘the Hamburglar’

Mortified woman issues warning as sunburn makes her look like ‘the Hamburglar’

It’s a tale as old as time.

The sun begins to shine gloriously and is followed by a slew of painful sunburn photos.

It’s very easy to get suncare wrong, and one woman issued a warning after her sister fell foul.

After seeing the video – which has been viewed more than six million times – many pledged to start using high-factor sunscreen.

The proud graduate, celebrating the end of university, went viral on TikTok after her sister shared her tanning escapades, along with the warning: “Wear sunscreen kids.”

She explained in the video: “My sister forgot to wear sunscreen to her graduation ceremony.”

Thanks to the face mask and cap, the effects of this were rather noticeable – and reminded people that looking ‘pale and interesting’ is no bad thing.

The video racked up 6.5 million views and almost one million likes, with lots of people left in stitches.

One woman admitted: “I can’t decide between ninja turtle and raccoon but both are a valid option.”

Another joked she looked like the famous McDonald’s mascot the Hamburglar.

Another joked: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s sunburn girl.”

A third, optimistically, commented: “Well if her future profession doesn’t work out, she can always be a superhero instead.”

If you find yourself getting this burnt (granted there’s no much of a chance right now in the UK,) the NHS has some fantastic advice.

Make sure to apply a cold compress, drink lots of water, and use painkillers if needed.

Don’t wear tight clothing, use petroleum jelly or apply ice packs to the skin – as much as you may be tempted.

Getting sunburnt can increase your chance of getting skin cancer so check out tips here on how to keep safe.