Mum mortified after learning daughter, 6, has been leaving notes for the cleaner

Mum mortified after learning daughter, 6, has been leaving notes for the cleaner

When it comes to children, they often copy the things they see their parents do – even if they really shouldn’t.

One mum recently learned this the hard way after finding out that her six-year-old daughter had been leaving her own instructions for their cleaner.

The parent, called Mary, took to TikTok to share a video featuring some of the notes her child had written and it quickly went viral.

In a post under the username @ movementonyourshoulder the mortified woman said: “When the lady who cleans my house text me to let me know my six-year-old had started leaving her instructions.”

Mary can be seen rubbing her hand over her face, before the screen changes to show one of the notes.

In the picture, one of her daughter’s dolls can be seen, alongside a piece of paper with the handwritten instruction: “Put pants on my doll.”

Besides both of these are a small pair of underwear for the doll.

The video was captioned: “There are many more. Thanks a lot.”

Mary later clarified that this incident occurred back in 2016 and her daughter would never do anything like this now.

“She was six, we were mortified and discussed why this wasn’t okay,” she added. “She grew up respectful/empathetic.”

More than four million people have since watched the video, with it garnering over 684,000 likes.

One person commented: “She could have at least wrote please LOL. Then it wouldn’t be so bad.”

Another said: “This is sooo embarrassing for you.”

A third replied: “In her defence, the pants are hard to get on dolls like that. I bet she just thought since the lady helped you that she could help her?”

Someone else added: “It’s honestly hilarious, because the amount of time she spent writing the note, she could have done it. I love kids.”